In the present times, most of us are indulged in desk jobs which means sitting all through the day while working and being stuck to the desk. This is why people are becoming more lethargic, lazy, and obese. Everyone with a desk job or other job that requires sitting for longer periods naturally leads to creating problems for your back and neck. It disrupts the posture and invites a lot of health risks. Even if you’ve in a very active life, such jobs will kill your back, or your posture. 

However, there are many people who are unable to take out time for all this and working out occasionally is not going to help. Living a sedentary lifestyle at start won’t feel like a problem but it will become a serious issue causing you hate your job or have severe health risks. Good thing is that by opting for some alternatives, you can change your lifestyle and start living a healthy life. One of the most suitable choices for this is going for a height adjustable desk. When you have it, you can switch between sitting and standing position while working. It might bother you at first but once you are in habit, you will find it comfortable and see that it is helping you stay active. 

Tips to use a standing desk correctly – 

  1. Take regular breaks – Once you’ve bought an adjustable desk, you might be feeling excited to use this. But remember, you need to start slowly. You just can’t change your habit from sitting to standing all at once. Changing position all of a sudden can be a burden on your health which is why it is recommended to start by taking regular intervals. The trick is to created sitting-standing intervals and taking break between them and you need to start with a very slow pace. 
  2. Move while using – Don’t just stand all the time when you get best standing desk Singapore. Being stationary whole day is never good for a body whether standing or sitting. It will be a change in your ergonomics. The key is to not strain your body for long that it makes adverse effect on your health rather than improving it. 
  3. Put soft covering beneath – Get something soft like a rug or cushioning to put beneath your feet to relive the pressure of standing for long hours. Don’t skip this accessory because it will help you maintain your standing comfortably. 
  4. Adjust your monitor – It is important to have your system at suitable height to your eyes lowering the strain on your eyes and neck. For this you can get monitor arm Singapore, and then adjust the height of monitor as you want or convert it into multi-monitor workspace. 

Following these tips can help you have a good work life while lowering the risks causing health issues. 

An office is a place where we spend most of our day especially while sitting and doing work just in one place. Lack of movement in a body can lead to inviting diseases, bad posture, and health risks. It is known that we can’t move all through the day while working in our offices, which is why we need something that can help to enhance activity in our daily work routine. The height-adjustable table is becoming a must-have in offices in many countries now. A lot of organizations around the world are trying to get reliable adjustable desks. There are so many reasons explaining why you need to buy a standing desk, but there are so many choices available that make finding the best fit for your needs very much challenging.

Do you need a standing desk right?

Your goal should be to maintain motion very often throughout the day, adapting proper postures frequently, and a sit-stand deskwill help you do that. For several people, standing all through the time is also not a better option, and maybe it can sometimes appear even worse than sitting all the time. If you buy an adjustable workspace, it will be great for improved comfort, better performance, and better health and well-being.

Should you get a standing desk or a sit-stand desk?

Sit-stand desks support both traditional sitting and standing at work. Some desks are designed exclusively for standing while you work. If you are committed to standing during the duration you are in your office, the standing designs of the adjustable desk might be your preferred choice. If you only want to switch positions or postures while working or adjust your desk height, it will be a better decision to purchase a motorised height adjustable desk.

Does it need to be height adjustable?

Height adjustability is good if you want to enjoy working on a flexible workstation that allows you to work comfortably and have well-being. When you are coding a website you may prefer your system to be at one height; when reading or writing at another angle/ height, and when in a meeting you need it to be set at a different position, and so on.

It is strongly recommended to get yourself a height-adjustable desk that allows you to set the height of your desk according to a manner that allows minimal strain on your eyes and correct your posture. If you feel getting a height-adjustable desk is pricey, you can always choose accessories such as monitor mount,which also helps you in adjusting the angle as well as the height of your monitor. And you can increase motion in your work schedule. But remember, it is not as feasible as it looks to infuse movement when you are working in a corporate office. Get in touch today to buy a desk or a monitor arm.

We all know that how bad sitting for a whole day regularly for 8-10 hours is. It can make serious impacts on your health and everyone need to start taking it seriously else it can be as bad as smoking. Most people feel discomfort on their job, especially when they can’t change their postures while working during the day. As companies focus on improving the wellbeing in the workplace, it’s clearly understandable that sit stand desks are becoming so much popular.

What to see while buying an adjustable desk?

First of all, understand that standing all day is neither feasible nor comfortable and also harmful as sitting all day. It is suggested to switch your postures from time to time, and from sitting to standing. The ideal person to buy a sit-stand desk is someone who is sitting as his monitor at a desk and can’t take out the time to get up and switch postures.

You can go all out and offer every employee a height adjustable desk, but this is practically not feasible. A good option is buying shared sit stand workstations for people so that they can use it as needed. 

Many companies get a stand up desk for people with medical issues. Remember that whenever you are choosing an height adjustable desk, it’s crucial that you consider all the aspects and then considerately identify how your staffs will use them. This way it will help you to guarantee that they are being used. 

Things to consider when choosing a height adjustable desk


The noise of the motor when adjusting from a sit to stand position is important. Therefore, get one that doesn’t make much noise and is not disturbing fellow employees.

Ease of Movement

There are so many ways in which you can raise and lower the height of your desks, from hand lever to electric or pneumatic elevation. The electric one is the most quiet, competent, and easy to use.

Leg tiredness 

One common concern people have with the usage of best standing desk Singapore is that they get tired while standing for long. Some strategies to overcome this include; supportive shoes, fatigue mat, adding a gel mat, and slowly building up the tolerance by adding to the time they stand.


Each desk comes with its own weight restrictions; you need to make sure that the desk you buy can handle your equipment and other things you’ll keep over it.


Along with being an aesthetic fit for your office environment, it is important to note if the desks are providing functionality and usability too. What’s the use of getting one if it is not useful?

Make sure to buy one with the most quality at Flight Ergo, a one stop solution for all your office/ workspace organization accessories that can help you make your desk and workspace efficient and mess free. 

Standing desks have been gaining popularity over the past several years. Buying a standing desk is one of the easiest wellness options for employers to improve office morale and boost the health of the people working in the offices. These can help you work comfortably and productively. Employers care about your health and they never want to see you getting an illness. One can avoid back pain and damage from working for long hours on a computer by opting for standing desk ergonomics. A standing desk allows the user to adjust the desk height to a comfortable position – from sit to stand. 

However, standing for long with your knees locked or while wearing heels can even lead to stress on your legs and your lower back. Keep your knees loose and vaguely bent. Find a comfortable ergonomic standing mat to accompany the desk and wear comfortable and supportive footwear, if you will be standing for long.

 Benefits of Standing at Work

  1. Burns Calories – Standing while working can help you burn more calories than sitting, even if you are just standing still and doing nothing. The difference in calories burnt in standing versus sitting isn’t massive. When you stand, you’re more likely in your “wellness mode.” You might walk around more often during the day.
  2. Improves Posture – With a standing desk giving proper ergonomics can help maintain a good posture while working on the computer. Keep your monitor at eye level so that you don’t put a strain on your eyes. Wrists of your hand should fit around comfortably over the keyboard while shifting your weight between both legs.
  3. Reduces Back Pain – Like a bad posture, you may believe that back pain happens due to sitting, but it’s not that you have to live with it or accept it as a part of your work. If you get yourself a comfortable chair with back and lumbar support and follow it alternatively with standing intervals, you will see that this remedy is working to lower your back pain.
  4. Boosts Your Focus – Finally, if a day at work seems to be very long and you find yourself being distracted, standing between the intervals while adjusting your table can boost your focus and mood and also increase productivity. Standing helps to make you feel healthier, and when you are well, you’re in a better mood.

If you face uneasiness during your work, there are some shifts that you can make to start experiencing feeling better such as getting a monitor mount Singapore to adjust your monitor or getting a height adjustable desk. These slight changes will help to keep your health balanced and make you stay active all day long. You will feel less lethargic and the chances of falling ill will also decrease gradually.

If you have to look at monitor screens for long periods of time, or use it on a regular basis, adding a simple ergonomic product to your work space can be a benefit for your back and neck strains. With multiple ergonomic solutions around, having a height adjustable desk, chair, or accessories such as footrest, or monitor arms.

Monitor arms are very useful due to a number of reasons. Users see an improvement in their posture when using a monitor arm to their office set-up. Monitor stands have multiple functionality and variations.

Reasons to use monitor arms for your office set-up

Back, neck, and eye discomfort

Sitting in a constant position throughout the day can bring you many serious health risks. An adjustable monitor arm for your desk can help you ease your posture through the day and it allows you to adjust the height and angle of the monitor screen, making it comfortable for your work positions and saving you from excessive strain. Get a monitor mount to relieve back, neck, and eye distress. Even if you don’t struggle with any of these when you use a monitor frequently, it is best to get a stand as soon as possible because prevention is key.

Tired of adjusting to your screen

Monitor stands allow you the flexibility to adjust your screen to a relaxed height and better control of the distance from your eyes and the screen angle. Your neck, shoulders, and spine will see the benefits of the accessory since you will be in a position self-adjusted as per your comfort and convenience.

Stand functionality

A monitor stand can provide you with a wider efficiency than you may even think. With monitor stands you can put the screen vertically, turn it 360 degrees around, or place multiple monitors around your desk at the same time. This allows you to extend the screen size to fill your vision. With modern arms and stands, you can enhance the performance of your workspace to enjoy maximum performance.

Optimized workspace

Remember that a properly managed workspace is important for work efficiency. The computer monitor can take up a lot of space on your desk, which you can resolve with a monitor arm. The area beneath the monitor when put on a mount can be utilized to keep items like notepads, pen stands, etc., and sort out cluttering.

Improved productivity

One major benefit of monitor arm is improved productivity. Making small amendments to your workspace can have a great impact on your overall well-being for improving your focus and productivity. A monitor mount therefore even being a small addition can create a big difference in your day.

The health implications of dormant behaviour such as sitting for long intervals can be really distressing. People spending most of their time while sitting have a higher risk of developing diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and others. Height adjustable desk can help you be safe from back problems, increased productivity, concentration, and motivation while lowering downtime. Let us understand what the benefits of getting active workspace resources are and improve your well-being. 

Boosts productivity

According to a study, office workers are among the most sedentary population spending most of their time sitting at work. This is not a healthy posture for anybody, and maintaining a good health is crucial to deliver good performance and efficiency. It is therefore important to note that increased efficiency with the highly productive work can save time in the long run and height adjustable table is said to help in increasing efficiency.

Health benefits

Sitting in a same position for long periods affects posture and increases the risk of illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Adding a height-adjustable desk or even a monitor arm Singapore to your office space will help to change working posture, increase movement, and better their blood circulation.

For a healthy spine, it’s important to move about frequently and change sitting positions during your working day. This is why height-adjustable desks can be a great addition as you can move them up and down so that workers can choose if they want to sit or stand and change between the two.

Better mental activity

Height-adjustable desks can be a great add-on if your people have to work in a resolute manner for multiple hours where they will need to focus and maintain function. Having adjustable desks to the office will bring good results in workers efficiency.

Save money

If workers are not distracted by fatigue, neck strain, and back pain, they will be able to concentrate better and work more efficiently. Therefore, adding adjustable desks in your office space will result in reducing the number of absentees and better physical as well as mental health with better profitability. It also lowers stress that’s developed in people due to bad back condition. 

Better collaboration

People tend to communicate and engage better to work when they are standing rather than while sitting. It significantly helps in increasing the performance. 

More movement and flexibility in work leads to better interaction and engagement, creating a collaborative working environment. This enhances the value of getting employees back in the office as they look for more flexibility. Companies should make their office more attractive so that employees can happily come in and one way to do this is buying a standing desk.

Remember that it is important that employees are comfortable and healthy while working to deliver good performance for the company. To know more about our height adjustable table and buy one get in touch with Flight Ergo today and we will be happy to help you out.

Are you looking to improve your sitting/standing posture and lower the risk of possible back pain and injury happening due to sitting for long hours?

When you buy an adjustable desk, you have the benefit to strengthen your core muscles and have better posture over time. You will not only be able to work or study at ease with lesser back and neck aches but you can experience the health-related benefits including lower stress and better productivity. 

In this article, let us explore how a height adjustable desk plays a role to improve your health condition and productivity. Sitting for longer periods can be detrimental to your health, yet office jobs often require us to sit for hours on end. An adjustable desk is a great solution to this concern, as you can switch between sitting and standing posture while working. This not only improves your posture and blood circulation but also helps you remain alert and focused entire day.

We will also look at how an adjustable desk can enhance your productivity, as work while standing can boost energy. Finally, let us examine some of the practical scenario that you should consider while selecting an adjustable desk to make your workspace flexible.

Making the Most of Your Adjustable Desk

  1. Adjustable desks offer you a wide range of height adjustments, to ensure finding the most comfortable and convenient position for your body when you are working. This will help you to avoid neck and back pain while improving your posture. 
  2. The motorised height adjustable desk comes with add on optional wheels, so you can adjust your workspace around the office, making you feel more comfortable. 
  3. Another benefit of owning a standing desk is that it fortifies your core muscles, making your posture better over time and lowering muscle pain due to sitting too much for longer hours. This means less back and neck aches while engaging in different activities such as working or studying. Furthermore, strong muscles provide you more stability during physical activities like running and weight lifting which will improve your fitness over time.
  4. Using a sit stand desk also helps to improve your productivity as it helps to keep distractions at bay as you are working on your tasks.
  5. Standing can reduce stress by maintaining your concentration rather than triggering the body’s response to rest when sitting for too long.

The result of your health from working while being seated for long periods of time, can be devastating. It is understandable that a lot of work done in offices require one to sit at most times and be hooked on their laptops or PCs. Sitting for long hours can affect your posture and is detrimental to the backbone.

Hence, it is important to incorporate motion in your work schedule so that you do not reap the harmful effects of being inactive for long periods of time. Other than standing and moving around to get away from your desk for a while, a height adjustable table is popular in the modern office environment. This equipment makes sitting to standing transition truly effortless.

Reduced back pain

Backaches are the most common received complaints among office professionals. Lower back pain can be due to physical as well as psychological stress. Standing desks can help to reduce upper back, lower back and neck pain. Switching from sitting to standing when working, will help to alleviate the pain.

Improve well-being

People using height adjustable desks are said to experience less stress and fatigue as compared to those who has to work while sitting every day. It can help to improve one’s health and maintain good posture.

More productivity

With reduced back pain, it allows good posture, and with good posture comes an improved well-being. Hence the potential of higher work productivity will increase too.

Lower weight gain

Staying hooked to your chair all day, regardless of how busy your schedule is can be one of the reasons why you are gaining weight. This can add a lot to your body, making you feel lethargic all day long.

It is recommended to stay active – even when you spend most of your time at work. Like any other physical activity, switching from sitting to standing is highly encouraged to reduce the chances of you encountering lower back pain. Gradually start to ease yourself it by starting with first 30 to 60 minutes of standing every day, and slowly increase it to become a habit. Introducing height-adjustable or sit-stand desk in the workspace is a great way of offering your employees with another flexible working solution.

If you are planning to make your workspace more flexible, Flight Ergo offers a range of height adjustable desks that will be able to suit your needs.

A monitor arm is a tool that looks like a robotic arm that is placed to your work desk, wall, or ceiling so that you can adjust the height of your monitor. You can easily adjust to your monitor whether you sit, stand, or do a mix of both through the day.

  • A monitor arm allows you to fine-tune the height, depth, and angle of your monitor, building a set-up that could potentially ease your workflow.
  • Monitor arms could reduce the risk of back aches and eye strains by allowing you to position your monitor screen at the optimal height, angle, position, and distance from you within viewable sight.
  • A monitor arm provides ease of use when you are shifting your screen for tasks or when simply sharing screens for your co-workers.

 The most popular mounting patterns for monitor arms are basically desk clamps, grommet mount, wall and/or ceiling mounts. When deciding which style is for you, depends on the primary use of the monitor and your workstation.

Types of Monitor Mount

Free Standing Mount

The most common mount usually comes together with your monitor screen. It is the simplest mount style in which the mount base is weighed securely with a heavy plate, at the back of the monitor.

Desk Clamp Mount

Great for short-term and semi-permanent solution, the desk clamp mount is also known as “c-clamp”, “clamp-on” or “edge clip”. Having a desk clamp mount does not require you to drill a hole on your table top as it clinches to the side / back of your desk. You can opt for a reinforcement plate to protect the clamp-on mount from scratching your table top too.

Grommet Mount

The most ideal mount for a permanent solution. With grommet mount, the support for the screen feeds through a grommet hole – which you will have to drill through your desk. It will also have a more secure arm base. A much stable alternative to a clamp-on mount especially if your monitor screen weighs more than 8kg.

Wall Mount

Secured to a wall behind the work desk or ceiling, this is another permanent mounting solution which allows you to have more desk space.

Introducing ergonomic to your work allows a higher productivity and comfort level as it promotes your work as well as well-being. It is best to take your time to decide which mounting styles suit your ergonomic needs and invest.

Why do you need an adjustable monitor arm for work?

Using a monitor arm allows you to have more desk space, creating a well-maintained work area. With monitor arms, your monitor can be placed in a position that allows you adjust its height and turning it into portrait or landscape position as needed.  This is something that will surely help you to multi-task and increase your productivity.

Flight Ergo offers a comprehensive range of multiple monitor arms for mounting single, dual, triple, and quad monitor screens.  Users from different working professionals, trading and banking, home offices, etc. continue to explore the efficiency and productivity of multiple monitor displays. Having a monitor arm means you are saving yourself from backache and many other issues related to your neck or back. From gamers to all other working professionals that have to work utilising monitor screens will certainly find this product useful. We offer our customers a variety of monitor arms for them to choose from.

Monitor arms for desks serve 3 main purposes:

A good monitor arm will allow you to position your monitor to an adjustable height that is comfortable for your posture and eyes. When you keep your monitor on a table, you are advised to adjust the position of your screen to a correct and comfortable level at which the screen focus is 5-7cm below the user’s eye so that it would not get strained.

  • A monitor arm will help you to keep your desk clean, keeping it mess-free. By simply leaving your monitor on your desk can take up unnecessary space. When you have a monitor stand, the space generated beneath the monitor can use for other purposes.
  • Multiple monitors when mounted on a monitor mount or monitor arms will provide faster access to information and help in increasing productivity. Regardless of the type of monitor stand you choose, it is going to be a great add-on to your workplace.
  • Benefits offered by having an adjustable monitor arm include relief from back pain, neck strain, and eye strain, and a more convenient monitor position means improved productivity.


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