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Are you looking to upgrade your current desk set-up? Flight Pro is our dual motorised height adjustable table and memory display. Driven by German engineering and motor made from Taiwan, the Flight Pro is covered with a 7-year warranty. Transition to your desired height seamlessly, whenever you feel like sitting or standing while working.

Our Flight Pro has a 7-year warranty – without compromising on its quality.
Flight Pro has dual motor powering the frame for faster height adjustment.

Safety feature – comes with anti-collision function.

We integrate TiMotion’s control box (anti-impact function), motor (quieter) and controller (memory display with sleep mode – (interchange between cm and inch reading) into building our Flight Pro height adjustable desk for a seamless & quieter height adjustment. TiMotion has over 2000 employees working together throughout the world in 6 manufacturing facilities and 13 subsidiaries. They are the premium brand of control box, motor and controller in the industry.

Our eco-friendly table tops are not the usual 18mm thickness. We believe in providing the best for our customers thus we insist on using 25mm thick table tops. It is also scratch and water resistant. Sparing no details, we also use 1mm thick edging for the whole outline of the table top, these edging are resistant to slight knocks and act as a protection for your desk.
On top of that, all our existing table tops have rounded corners – leaving no sharp edges. We only source the best parts to build the most comfortable sit stand desk for you!

One of the main concerns of customers looking for height adjustable desk is its stability. Our Flight Pro model uses a 650mm long slope inclined foot plate for added stability.

Flight Pro video demonstration

Flight Pro live photos & videos

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Product Reviews


22 December 2022

The installation was fast and swift, the table feel sturdy and operation is smooth + it slows down to a stop & very very quiet. 2 hours into using it and already feel like I should have bought it long ago. Working while standing feels good, it helps that the whole table feel planted and sure-footed.


29 December 2022

Very sleek design and sturdy quality, can see from the frame. Definitely on the high level among the market with reasonable price. The staff, Mr Lum who delivered and installed for me is very friendly and patiently explain to me about the function. Very glad that i have chosen Flight. Thanks👍🏼


06 January 2023

Item received in good condition. Fast delivery and seller promptly update delivery status. Happy with the purchase and seller / product is highly recommended.


10 January 2023

Delivery was quite smooth. Took awhile but that’s because the seller is arranging for a convenient time. Includes installation so this is definitely worth it. The delivery guys were very kind and friendly to explain the steps and installation was a breeze. Will recommend this over other desks!

D. L.

09 March 2023

Good and sturdy table. I stand more than I sit now. Adding the wheels is a must as it lets you shift and adjust the table easily.


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