3 purposes of a monitor arm for work

Why do you need an adjustable monitor arm for work?

Using a monitor arm allows you to have more desk space, creating a well-maintained work area. With monitor arms, your monitor can be placed in a position that allows you adjust its height and turning it into portrait or landscape position as needed.  This is something that will surely help you to multi-task and increase your productivity.

Flight Ergo offers a comprehensive range of multiple monitor arms for mounting single, dual, triple, and quad monitor screens.  Users from different working professionals, trading and banking, home offices, etc. continue to explore the efficiency and productivity of multiple monitor displays. Having a monitor arm means you are saving yourself from backache and many other issues related to your neck or back. From gamers to all other working professionals that have to work utilising monitor screens will certainly find this product useful. We offer our customers a variety of monitor arms for them to choose from.

Monitor arms for desks serve 3 main purposes:

A good monitor arm will allow you to position your monitor to an adjustable height that is comfortable for your posture and eyes. When you keep your monitor on a table, you are advised to adjust the position of your screen to a correct and comfortable level at which the screen focus is 5-7cm below the user’s eye so that it would not get strained.

  • A monitor arm will help you to keep your desk clean, keeping it mess-free. By simply leaving your monitor on your desk can take up unnecessary space. When you have a monitor stand, the space generated beneath the monitor can use for other purposes.
  • Multiple monitors when mounted on a monitor mount or monitor arms will provide faster access to information and help in increasing productivity. Regardless of the type of monitor stand you choose, it is going to be a great add-on to your workplace.
  • Benefits offered by having an adjustable monitor arm include relief from back pain, neck strain, and eye strain, and a more convenient monitor position means improved productivity.


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