Considerations when buying a sit stand desk

We all know that how bad sitting for a whole day regularly for 8-10 hours is. It can make serious impacts on your health and everyone need to start taking it seriously else it can be as bad as smoking. Most people feel discomfort on their job, especially when they can’t change their postures while working during the day. As companies focus on improving the wellbeing in the workplace, it’s clearly understandable that sit stand desks are becoming so much popular.

What to see while buying an adjustable desk?

First of all, understand that standing all day is neither feasible nor comfortable and also harmful as sitting all day. It is suggested to switch your postures from time to time, and from sitting to standing. The ideal person to buy a sit-stand desk is someone who is sitting as his monitor at a desk and can’t take out the time to get up and switch postures.

You can go all out and offer every employee a height adjustable desk, but this is practically not feasible. A good option is buying shared sit stand workstations for people so that they can use it as needed. 

Many companies get a stand up desk for people with medical issues. Remember that whenever you are choosing an height adjustable desk, it’s crucial that you consider all the aspects and then considerately identify how your staffs will use them. This way it will help you to guarantee that they are being used. 

Things to consider when choosing a height adjustable desk


The noise of the motor when adjusting from a sit to stand position is important. Therefore, get one that doesn’t make much noise and is not disturbing fellow employees.

Ease of Movement

There are so many ways in which you can raise and lower the height of your desks, from hand lever to electric or pneumatic elevation. The electric one is the most quiet, competent, and easy to use.

Leg tiredness 

One common concern people have with the usage of best standing desk Singapore is that they get tired while standing for long. Some strategies to overcome this include; supportive shoes, fatigue mat, adding a gel mat, and slowly building up the tolerance by adding to the time they stand.


Each desk comes with its own weight restrictions; you need to make sure that the desk you buy can handle your equipment and other things you’ll keep over it.


Along with being an aesthetic fit for your office environment, it is important to note if the desks are providing functionality and usability too. What’s the use of getting one if it is not useful?

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