Do you need a height adjustable desk?

The health implications of dormant behaviour such as sitting for long intervals can be really distressing. People spending most of their time while sitting have a higher risk of developing diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and others. Height adjustable desk can help you be safe from back problems, increased productivity, concentration, and motivation while lowering downtime. Let us understand what the benefits of getting active workspace resources are and improve your well-being. 

Boosts productivity

According to a study, office workers are among the most sedentary population spending most of their time sitting at work. This is not a healthy posture for anybody, and maintaining a good health is crucial to deliver good performance and efficiency. It is therefore important to note that increased efficiency with the highly productive work can save time in the long run and height adjustable table is said to help in increasing efficiency.

Health benefits

Sitting in a same position for long periods affects posture and increases the risk of illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Adding a height-adjustable desk or even a monitor arm Singapore to your office space will help to change working posture, increase movement, and better their blood circulation.

For a healthy spine, it’s important to move about frequently and change sitting positions during your working day. This is why height-adjustable desks can be a great addition as you can move them up and down so that workers can choose if they want to sit or stand and change between the two.

Better mental activity

Height-adjustable desks can be a great add-on if your people have to work in a resolute manner for multiple hours where they will need to focus and maintain function. Having adjustable desks to the office will bring good results in workers efficiency.

Save money

If workers are not distracted by fatigue, neck strain, and back pain, they will be able to concentrate better and work more efficiently. Therefore, adding adjustable desks in your office space will result in reducing the number of absentees and better physical as well as mental health with better profitability. It also lowers stress that’s developed in people due to bad back condition. 

Better collaboration

People tend to communicate and engage better to work when they are standing rather than while sitting. It significantly helps in increasing the performance. 

More movement and flexibility in work leads to better interaction and engagement, creating a collaborative working environment. This enhances the value of getting employees back in the office as they look for more flexibility. Companies should make their office more attractive so that employees can happily come in and one way to do this is buying a standing desk.

Remember that it is important that employees are comfortable and healthy while working to deliver good performance for the company. To know more about our height adjustable table and buy one get in touch with Flight Ergo today and we will be happy to help you out.

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