How does standing at work help your health?

Standing desks have been gaining popularity over the past several years. Buying a standing desk is one of the easiest wellness options for employers to improve office morale and boost the health of the people working in the offices. These can help you work comfortably and productively. Employers care about your health and they never want to see you getting an illness. One can avoid back pain and damage from working for long hours on a computer by opting for standing desk ergonomics. A standing desk allows the user to adjust the desk height to a comfortable position – from sit to stand. 

However, standing for long with your knees locked or while wearing heels can even lead to stress on your legs and your lower back. Keep your knees loose and vaguely bent. Find a comfortable ergonomic standing mat to accompany the desk and wear comfortable and supportive footwear, if you will be standing for long.

 Benefits of Standing at Work

  1. Burns Calories – Standing while working can help you burn more calories than sitting, even if you are just standing still and doing nothing. The difference in calories burnt in standing versus sitting isn’t massive. When you stand, you’re more likely in your “wellness mode.” You might walk around more often during the day.
  2. Improves Posture – With a standing desk giving proper ergonomics can help maintain a good posture while working on the computer. Keep your monitor at eye level so that you don’t put a strain on your eyes. Wrists of your hand should fit around comfortably over the keyboard while shifting your weight between both legs.
  3. Reduces Back Pain – Like a bad posture, you may believe that back pain happens due to sitting, but it’s not that you have to live with it or accept it as a part of your work. If you get yourself a comfortable chair with back and lumbar support and follow it alternatively with standing intervals, you will see that this remedy is working to lower your back pain.
  4. Boosts Your Focus – Finally, if a day at work seems to be very long and you find yourself being distracted, standing between the intervals while adjusting your table can boost your focus and mood and also increase productivity. Standing helps to make you feel healthier, and when you are well, you’re in a better mood.

If you face uneasiness during your work, there are some shifts that you can make to start experiencing feeling better such as getting a monitor mount Singapore to adjust your monitor or getting a height adjustable desk. These slight changes will help to keep your health balanced and make you stay active all day long. You will feel less lethargic and the chances of falling ill will also decrease gradually.

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