How to properly use a standing desk

In the present times, most of us are indulged in desk jobs which means sitting all through the day while working and being stuck to the desk. This is why people are becoming more lethargic, lazy, and obese. Everyone with a desk job or other job that requires sitting for longer periods naturally leads to creating problems for your back and neck. It disrupts the posture and invites a lot of health risks. Even if you’ve in a very active life, such jobs will kill your back, or your posture. 

However, there are many people who are unable to take out time for all this and working out occasionally is not going to help. Living a sedentary lifestyle at start won’t feel like a problem but it will become a serious issue causing you hate your job or have severe health risks. Good thing is that by opting for some alternatives, you can change your lifestyle and start living a healthy life. One of the most suitable choices for this is going for a height adjustable desk. When you have it, you can switch between sitting and standing position while working. It might bother you at first but once you are in habit, you will find it comfortable and see that it is helping you stay active. 

Tips to use a standing desk correctly – 

  1. Take regular breaks – Once you’ve bought an adjustable desk, you might be feeling excited to use this. But remember, you need to start slowly. You just can’t change your habit from sitting to standing all at once. Changing position all of a sudden can be a burden on your health which is why it is recommended to start by taking regular intervals. The trick is to created sitting-standing intervals and taking break between them and you need to start with a very slow pace. 
  2. Move while using – Don’t just stand all the time when you get best standing desk Singapore. Being stationary whole day is never good for a body whether standing or sitting. It will be a change in your ergonomics. The key is to not strain your body for long that it makes adverse effect on your health rather than improving it. 
  3. Put soft covering beneath – Get something soft like a rug or cushioning to put beneath your feet to relive the pressure of standing for long hours. Don’t skip this accessory because it will help you maintain your standing comfortably. 
  4. Adjust your monitor – It is important to have your system at suitable height to your eyes lowering the strain on your eyes and neck. For this you can get monitor arm Singapore, and then adjust the height of monitor as you want or convert it into multi-monitor workspace. 

Following these tips can help you have a good work life while lowering the risks causing health issues. 

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