What style of monitor arm mount is right for me?

A monitor arm is a tool that looks like a robotic arm that is placed to your work desk, wall, or ceiling so that you can adjust the height of your monitor. You can easily adjust to your monitor whether you sit, stand, or do a mix of both through the day.

  • A monitor arm allows you to fine-tune the height, depth, and angle of your monitor, building a set-up that could potentially ease your workflow.
  • Monitor arms could reduce the risk of back aches and eye strains by allowing you to position your monitor screen at the optimal height, angle, position, and distance from you within viewable sight.
  • A monitor arm provides ease of use when you are shifting your screen for tasks or when simply sharing screens for your co-workers.

 The most popular mounting patterns for monitor arms are basically desk clamps, grommet mount, wall and/or ceiling mounts. When deciding which style is for you, depends on the primary use of the monitor and your workstation.

Types of Monitor Mount

Free Standing Mount

The most common mount usually comes together with your monitor screen. It is the simplest mount style in which the mount base is weighed securely with a heavy plate, at the back of the monitor.

Desk Clamp Mount

Great for short-term and semi-permanent solution, the desk clamp mount is also known as “c-clamp”, “clamp-on” or “edge clip”. Having a desk clamp mount does not require you to drill a hole on your table top as it clinches to the side / back of your desk. You can opt for a reinforcement plate to protect the clamp-on mount from scratching your table top too.

Grommet Mount

The most ideal mount for a permanent solution. With grommet mount, the support for the screen feeds through a grommet hole – which you will have to drill through your desk. It will also have a more secure arm base. A much stable alternative to a clamp-on mount especially if your monitor screen weighs more than 8kg.

Wall Mount

Secured to a wall behind the work desk or ceiling, this is another permanent mounting solution which allows you to have more desk space.

Introducing ergonomic to your work allows a higher productivity and comfort level as it promotes your work as well as well-being. It is best to take your time to decide which mounting styles suit your ergonomic needs and invest.

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